THe story of my 21K

Surbhit Arora

 This 21K is one of my very special 21Ks till date. It was a marathon oragnized by my company in Bangalore and I was really excited for it. All the 21K runners were asked to reach the venue at 5 am, and I remember I wasn't able to sleep properly the last night, may be it was due to excitement of big run in the morning. I woke up, had a cup of tea and bowl of oats, did some stretching, pushups and jumps, and reached the venue.

It was a cold Sunday morning, and I had to do a 1km run at the venue to warm myself up before the big run. There were around 80 runners who were doing the 21K that day, and everyone was looking quote energetic and prepared. At 5:30 am, the run started with a loud cheer from the organizers. I started off with my normal pace, and after few minutes I realized I was running alone on the road, few were ahead of me and few were behind me. I was plugged in with my favourite running music (on soundcloud) and was just enjoying every moment of that wonderful morning. The first lap (11.5K) was quite smooth, I did it without any water break and below is my click immediately aftr completing the first half.

It was no more a chilly morning, there was lot of running heat around. I took my first water break after 13K distance, having 2 sips of water from water station and then speeding up again. I have a mindset for 21K, and that works for me. First 10K is when you do your normal, with a normal pace. Next 5K, which is difficult for me usually comes with few water breaks, struggling to maintain your pace, getting motivated from others. And the moment you reacht he 16K mark, thats when you realise its just 5K more and you are done. The motivation comes from inside for the last 5K distance


I used the same mindse during this run too. from 10 to 16K, I struggled a bit, had some water, regained my energy, even got a running buddy for 1.5-2Km. But the last 5K was the distance I enjoyed the most. I remember I saw a famous tea stall, which had just opened duting my first lap, and during my second lap, there was a good rush outside that shop. I even counted few trees (till 56) and it no time I was able to see the finish board. The last 1Km was an elevation and is still the most difficult 1K of my life. Drenched in sweat, and with my energy level almost to zero, I was somehow able to smile for the camera to get few good clicks. :)

Then, there was a finish line. The amazing feel you get when you finish the run. Though the energy levels are down, still you feel you can run some more. The run eneded with some good South Indian breakfast.

Thats it about this run, stay tuned to read more about my experiences !


Thanks for reading ! Have a nice day !