The one stop platform for runners, by runners. We believe in sharing, inspiring and enjoying, afterall that's what running is all about, ain't it?

The story of how it all started

It was January of 2019, and I was in Bangalore back then. My life was revolving around just 3 things: Office, Gym and Running. I used to run short distances almost daily, and on weekends I was mostly doing 10K+ and sometimes 21K too.


Lone running isn't easy, we all know it, you need to keep yourself motivated every single minute to get the best out of you. And thats why we all paticipate in marathons, becasue of the factors that motivate us to go the distance. One of the different things I used to do during my lone running was exploring new places to run. I never used to run on the same track, and this made my runs more interesting. Everytime I was running, I was exploring something new, and thats when I realized why can't we do this together, why can't we make a group, a community and run together and explore new places everytime.


I came up with a name "run2xplor" (run to explore) and started a running community. I organized 4 runs during my stay in bangalore, and response was simply fatastic, or I should say "runtastic". Now I have a plan to make this website a one stop for all the running information - running guide, mistakes people make, prepare for half and full marathon, gear selection and running events.