Tips for advanced runners

If you think you have got the basics and are now ready to uplift yourself, this is a good read for you. Take a look at some of the advaned running tips you can keep in mind while doing long runs.

Its a mind game

Believe it or not, most of the tough tasks are made easy just by thinking it right in your mind, same applies here also. If you have the right thinking about your target and your efficiency, you will complete the run easily. Its same as giving a 3 hour long exam, you don't know what questions will be there, but you know that you have prepared well and you will be able to crack it.

Choose the right venue

Choosing the right venue will help you to enjoy the run. You can either go with your usual track/route or choose something new to make the run memorable and interesting. I personally feel that new route helps to make the run interseting and explore new places.

Get comfortable at your pace

You already have done some good number of runs and now you know your comfortable pace, so just follow that. Remember that your competition is with yourself only. This time you have set a bigger target and you have to achieve it.

Hit the gym

If you are aiming for a long distance, you need to prepare for it. Running for 1-2 hours continously needs a lot of endurance, your body should be able to bear that pain, your legs should be able to keep you going till the last mile, and you cannot do this until you prepare for it. Strength training is very important to get you ready. Do some heavy dead lifts, squats, lunges and core training.

Treat for your feet

Finding the right running shoes is an important factor. Make sure you don’t try the new shoe during the long run. How much good quality shoe it is, you feet needs time to get comfortable with it. Try your new shoe for smaller runs, get comfortable with it and get the best out of it during your long run.

Run with your buddy

Lone running can be difficult and boring if you are not used to it. After some point of time, you wont feel motivated enough to keep on going, and this is quite normal. The very reason people sign up for marathons, because they get motivated by seeing others. Every person has a different pace, so its not mandatory to match the pace of your running buddy.

The night before

You must have expereinced the night before big exam, interview or event. The feeling that how will I perform, whether I’ll be able to complete it or not, what if I am unable to, etc. You just need to calm down. Enjoy what you do. Eat well, watch a good show, sleep properly. Don’t push yourself too much a day before, your muscles need some rest to perform on the run day, so just let them calm down.

The food factor

Long runs require more energy, so you need to eat well before the run. No doubt, carbs are the best source of energy. A bowl of cereal with few slices of banana can be a very good source of energy for you. Also, you can keep a protein bar and small bottle of water or energy drink to give your body a quick boost while running.

Warm up and cool down

You already know this by now. Warm up well before you start your run. Do some pushups, jumping jacks, squats, lunges and ankle rotations to activate your muscles. Just get yourself warmed up a little. After the run, don’t just directly lie down. Keep on walking for sometime, let your muscles cool down. Stretch your hamstring and back and feel the stretch.

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