Hypothyroid doesn't stop me from giving my best, what about you?

Anik Raheja

I’ve hypothyroid since birth, I got diagnosed with it when I was 1-1/4 years old and I knew nothing about it then.
I was confused about the cautions I was asked to take and the medicine I was given.

When I grew up a bit, my mom would give me massage on my legs late in the evening almost everyday so that I could sleep with peace because they would pain after I came back from playing with friends mostly every time.

We used to visit CMC Hospital, Ludhiana once in every 6 months for follow-up, which was always very distressing for me, I used to get impatient that we get done with the check-up at the earliest and visit my Aunt’s house and stay there for a few days as a reward for agreeing with my parents to visit the hospital :D.

Standing on the weigh machine was always a testing time because that would immediately state how the doctor would react, and I struggled with moving even 1-2 kgs.
I remember once I weighed 3-4 kgs more than the last time and the doctor said, “he’ll turn into a football” (maybe she said that to make me more alert).

Then after a few months, one of my father’s close friend recommended a local doctor who was also very competitive.
And I was relieved that it would be convenient now, considering the fact that the hospital was just a few kilometers away from my home.
But only the place changed, not my habits, weight or the doctor’s reaction.

One day in school when I was in 7th standard, our teacher conducted a casual session and asked each one of us about what we wanted to become.
On my turn I said “cricketer” and everybody laughed, because I was fat.

But with God’s grace, later in life, I decided to turn it around, I pushed myself even on the days I didn’t want to, learnt the concepts by research and applied religiously, which has enabled me to achieve some milestones I’m glad about and look forward to many more.

I’m now passionate about running and also do weight training.

I’ve been associated with 41 events as an ‘Ambassador, 43 events as an ‘Official Pacer’, as ‘Face of the Event for 2, 6 events as ‘Pacers co-ordinator’, 2 events as ‘Motivator Runner’ and 2 events as an ‘Event Instigator’.
Infact I’ve done the highest number of pacing assignments in India with a fine accuracy rate, and now do selection and mentoring to the other pacers too.

I still remember that moment when I went to doctor for follow-up after 6 months (that was the first time we were going to meet after I’d transformed) and I weighed 25 kgs less, he was so engaged in comparing my medical card’s details that he didn’t look up, he was annoyed with the nurse, assuming she made a mistake and asked her to do it correctly, I stood up again with pride and smile on the weighing machine, and I weighed the same (60 kgs = 85 – 25 kgs), that is when he noticed that I looked quite different than before.

That surprised look on his face was cherishing.

I’ve never allowed hypothyroid to overpower my mind or occupy even a little space, I’m sharing it today again just to show that with God’s blessings you’re unlimited :).

I lift heavier and run faster, longer. I’m getting only better everyday.

Hard work beats talent, and Hypothyroid is just a medical condition, not any disability.
Please don’t let your attitude become one instead and never let it stop you from doing your best.

If I can do it, anybody can ;).

P.s. I went to meet the same doctor a year ago (after some more significant progress) and gifted him bunch of flowers with a written note “You kept calling me a tiger and I became one”!

And he smiled wide, bright and ear-to-ear :).

Live healthy, stay wealthy!

– Anik Raheja