Passion for Running

SI Arun Singh

Some want to feel better about the way they look and give their self-esteem a boost, while others aim to shut people over commenting on their body strucutre. But my reason to lose weight was my passion to wear uniform. At that moment running came in my life at age of 22.


I was not a good runner initially but I never gave up. In starting days my legs used to pain a lot, but running taught me that there is no limit what you can do. At age of 22 I was 116 kg and I decided to join force and wear uniform. Now my target was to drop my weight from 116 kg to 76 kg in 5-6 months which was nt at all easy task for anyone.


I took it as challange and started training for it. I started going stadium. When I was regularly running In stadium, I realized how many amazing friends I was making as training partners, race buddies, and random people who wave back on runs. I followed healthy diet plan and avoided all types of oily foods. I followed strict time table with never misisng my running schedule.I started gaining stamina and boost up myself.


I ran my first half marathon in 2014. I was not running that for any postion but my target was to finish it anyhow. When I finished that the statisfactory feeling I got I can’t express in words, and my hunger for run started and I participated in many marathon and started preparing for full marathon. With passage of time I started realizing that I am losing weight at great speed and in 6 months I lost about 30 kg and people started praising my efforts which used to boost me further. I cleared my S. Inspector exam and cleared physical exam as well and joined paramilitary forces. Now a day without running is incomplete for me. I won many medals in police training also. I also won and participated in many other long runs. I feel so blessed when someone gets motivated from my life story. The moment when people around me started believing in me and everyone started clapping and cheering for me and when they saw me flying on the road. I am so proud to be a is never too late to get started. Now I define myself as RUNNER❤️🦾🏃🏻‍♂️



Some advice for my other running friends:


1. Always do warm up before running.

2. Eat healthy

3. Avoid oily foods

4. Maintain regularity

5. Always do cooldown exercise after running

6. Always use good quality running shoes.

All the best :)