How it all began

Sathvik S

 Here’s a story of how I started running. It was March 2018. I had just finished 11th grade and was on my summer break. All I had to do all day was just go to coaching class, come home, solve questions, study and repeat. I was bored of the routine, also felt a little too unfit for anything adventurous to happen in life.

That’s exactly when me and my friend Vishnu decided to start walking as a regular physical activity. We went to the local park every evening and walked around 10-12 loops of the 300 meter perimeter of the park. On Sunday Morning’s we did the workout with a little extra volume of 18-20 loops. That is when I noticed this one dude who would come to park and run and lap us like twice in every single one of our laps. That instantly inspired me. I took off, came into the park next Monday and tried my best, could run only around 80 meters continuously and my lungs and legs would give up. I was struck with how unfit I was and this hunger to run faster and farther just grew in me. Everyday, I would come to the park, try to run a farther distance than I did the previous day, consider it an achievement and call it a day ! This became my routine until my 12th grade classes started and the whole walking/running schedule fell apart.


My classes at school and then coaching just killed all the time I had and I would run/walk very inconsistently (mostly on weekends). Later in Sept 2018, something struck me and I was so attracted to signing up for a 10k race at Decathlon Hennur. I did so and yeah, I had just registered myself for a 10k run which was right around the weekend and I wasn’t 1% prepared. As any human would expect to do a small amount of preparation before diving into a large distance like 10k, I just didn’t do any preparation. Fast forward, it was race day, I hadn’t done any physical activity in months ! And I had a 10k course in front of me, I decided that I would complete the 10k race be what may, even if it would require me to jog, walk or even crawl.


Surprisingly, I finished the race with a mix of run+jog with a timing of around 58 mins. Yes ! I had done it with no physical practice, just straight onto the race. Although I don’t recommend anyone to dive into a 5k or a 10k race, but rather, practice and prepare small distances before going for the big ones, I was awestruck by what my body was capable of !


I questioned to myself like “If I could run a 10k race in 57 mins without any practice, imagine how well I could do the same 10k with practice or how well I could do in farther distances” That’s when my running career really took off. Although I had been running+walking in my local park since Summer 2018, I’d say my running career really picked off in Sept 2018 !


Cheers ! Stay tuned for the next blog on how I went about my serious running career !


Thanks for reading ! Have a nice day !