My Running Story

Sayan Ghosh

 Basically my experience is of a day to day IT employees story. I am an average fit guy who was mostly into sports during school. Never was I fully into Gym or running previously. I am a very dedicated IT Employee and have always strived to be ahead with taking up challenging work load. But working for long hours took a toll on my health badly my blood pressure shot up very high due to 12-14 hours of work on a constant basis.


During a minor accident a doctor measured my BP and he sat down with his hands on his head and shouted on top of his voice... what's your age ? baffled I replied 25 (then) he glared at me and responded do you know what's your blood pressure? the discussion went forward and I came to know I was at a stage where taking meds was the only option. But I promised him to lend me 6 months and I will come back better. Since that set back I was adamant to change myself.


I stared my journey of fitness and lifestyle change. I was initially 82 Kgs and was able to run for Max 4 mins at a stretch approximately 200-400 meters maximum. I started my indepth study of fitness and nutrition using online resources and it was a painfully slow progress and I managed to run for a progressive duration of 25-30 minutes covering around 5-6 kilometres. The realisation was never into full time running but developing an overall fitness regime that will keep me healthy and fit for life. I used circuit training mostly. sequence being :


Run for 200 meters

without break follow up with 30 pushups , 30 burpees , 50 sit ups , 30 squats

Rest : 10 seconds

2 rounds of shuttle run sprints

Rest : 20 seconds

REPEAT the entire circuit for 4 times.


Cool down and warm-up was a key as running had me land into trouble with shin-splints , hence proper conditioning is the key.

Since then, I have run 4 marathons and have completed the same with a suitable outcome that satisfied my fitness goals. The confidence you earn is impeccable and cannot be scaled to any victory in life. I did visit the doctor and he was happy with me.


Previous BP. : 176/110

Post transformation

BP : 126/84

Body weight : 74.5 kgs

Body fat : 18.6 %


No Meds , clean diet, no alcohol, no smoking, and regular workouts with a multivitamin and 3-4 liters of water was my key to success.