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Thrishul Gowda

 This is THRISHUL GOWDA BN a National Level Gymnast from India. From past one year I have been running with run2xplor community, and its a really great opportunity to share experiences with others.

As I am a National Level Athlete, I have travelled throughout the country for my sport and had ran even there. I have seen many athletes in my experience who wanted to achieve but there are some internal problems in them for example NO SUPPORT FROM FAMILY, FINANCIAL ISSUES, HEALTH ISSUES, ETC, even though they are achieving by crossing all these hurdles in life and getting their success.


Sport is not an easy task , we need to work hard, respect it, dedicate our time & health, face all the difficulties for our success in our sport. Success is not the thing where we can find in the shop or somewhere. Hardwork brings success. All the athletes or people should face the failure, then only we can achieve success. Failure makes the man perfect. So, work hard and get success.



D.O.B - 03/01/2004

Place - Bangalore


👉 National Level Gymnast

👉 Champion of Karnataka

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